Equine and Rural Mortgages

Equestrian Agricultural Farm and Rural Mortgages and Finance Broker in UK

Equestrian Agricultural Farm and Rural Mortgages and Finance Broker in UK


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Funding a rural business

During the time since social restriction, we’ve had many enquiries from people reassessing their lifestyles and planning to move to the countryside to start a business. Many peop...  more  

On Farm Wedding Venue

On Farm wedding venue making its mark in the Cheshire countryside!  more  

Meet Acacia our Sponsored Rider

Meet Acacia Dew our sponsored BSJ rider from South-East England, and her ponies in a short question and answer.  more  

Meet Danielle our Sponsored Rider

A quick questions and answer with our sponsored rider Danielle Balsdon, a dressage rider from Exeter.  more  

All About Eco-Friendly Stables

All you need to know about eco-friendly stables by horseproperties.net  more  

Ways to Improve your Horses Pasture

Lets look at some tips for keeping your horses field in tip top condition!  more  

Preparing Your Horse For The Summer Months

Winter is finally coming to a close, but with hot summer weather comes the need to be more watchful of your horse as it is difficult to know what our beloved equine friends need.  more  

Top Ten Tips to make Money from an Equestrian Business

If you are starting out or yet to figure out how to make your equestrian business lucrative, then these top tips will help you.  more  

Grants and Funding During COVID

The current COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the equestrian sector. We have copied and displayed some information from British Equestrian which helps to explain th...  more  

Horsebox Payload Explained

Considerations when buying your horsebox  more