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Funding a rural business

During the time since social restriction, we’ve had many enquiries from people reassessing their lifestyles and planning to move to the countryside to start a business. Many peop...  more  

Buying and Selling Horses

When it comes to buying and selling horses, it’s important to understand your legal rights.   more  

No More Trailer Test

In light of the new towing regulation change, we highlight some important information regarding towing your trailer.  more  

Horsebox Safety

Is Your Horsebox Safe? A Trailer & Horsebox Safety Guide  more  

Tips for Keeping your Horse Happy on Long Travel

Here are some top tips to ensure your horse copes well when travelling a long distance.  more  

Let's Talk Metal

What is your preferred quality? Cost, weight or ease? Have a read about the use of steel and aluminium in horseboxes.   more  

10 Towing Tips

You are carrying precious cargo so it's important that you follow the rules. To keep both yourself and your horse safe when travelling.  more  

Horsebox checks that you must do after lockdown!

As your horsebox or trailer may have been stood a while over winter, now is a perfect time to carry out some checks. You don't want to end up breaking down or causing injury to you...  more  


We provide horsebox finance for both businesses and private buyers.   more  

Horsebox Payload Explained

Considerations of payloads when buying your horsebox  more